2013 11/05
MitraStar Partners with Chipset Vender to Provide Kbro Broadband with Latest Set-top Boxes

MitraStar Technology, the world leader of networking DMS industry, announces today its alliance with a global semiconductor leader to offer the latest set-top boxes for Kbro Broadband, one of Taiwan’s largest cable television operators.

“MitraStar is offering several IP set-top box models with the capability to develop differentiated IP video services,” said Chiang-lin Chang, President of MitraStar. “The new models with the global-leading chipset inside are ideally suited for telecommunications and they enable service providers to develop more upscale IP services for both existing and prospective subscribers to enhance the competitive edge as well as return on investments.”

As a leading technology developer and manufacturer, MitraStar takes advantage of its leading technologies as core competence to offer flexible software features to meet customer requirements. MitraStar’s professional RD teams provide complete product development plans and solutions with modularized design, production flow and customization on development of different set-top box products.

With professionalism and enthusiasm, MitraStar maintains close relationship with major SoC vendors and eco-system partners to master core multimedia technology that supports different middleware and content protection solutions, and to focus on platform development with effective capability that allows MitraStar to bring customers the best network multimedia experience.

As consumer needs for broadcasted and on-demand digital services increase, MitraStar keeps offering completed, converged and future-ready digital home solutions that not only exceed customer expectations but also stay in front of the trend.