2016 12/30
MitraStar Joins CES 2017 to Make A Better Connected World

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Dec. 30, 2016 – MitraStar, the world leader of networking DMS (Design, Manufacturing and Service) company, today announced its “TO MAKE A BETTER CONNECTED WORLD” theme in CES 2017 taking place in Las Vegas between January 5th and 8th. The exhibition includes the latest 10G-PON,, LTE CPE, Small Cell, Smart WiFi as well as Smart Home Solutions.

MitraStar will display its high-quality and cost effective products that meet the market needs for international telecommunication businesses stress its leading position in the broadband industry. The demonstrations will be held at MitraStar’s private suite in the Westgate Hotel for customers by appointment.

MitraStar will demonstrate its full range of comprehensive broadband network solutions including 10GPON, GPON,, VDSL and Cable CPEs and Central Office Products. In terms of 10GPON technology, the company focuses on the new XGPON1, XGSPON and NGPON2 ONU platform products as well as the new solution that is capable of the maximum transmission rate of 1Gbps with supports to the VDSL2 35B technology.

The solutions empower service providers with the freedom to extend their Gigabit broadband infrastructure and to drive their hybrid networks efficiently and effectively when deploying the last-mile infrastructures for advanced broadband services. It also suitably accommodates the growing popularity of the ultra high-definition audio and video services.

MitraStar introduces the latest 4G LTE broadband solutions such as outdoor and indoor CPEs, Small Cell products. The Small Cell strengthens network communications in the dead zone and further improves network capability for 4G+ users to meet the needs in the upcoming 5G era.

With the Internet of Things and smart home application boom, MitraStar will conduct live demos of smart Wi-Fi features and voice intelligence to show its comprehensive home networking and entertainment solutions that includes multimedia routers, smart voice gateways, a full range of multi-platform set-top boxes and home cloud storages capable of high-resolution video, high-speed data synchronization and multimedia contents management to help customers meeting home users’ demands for an all-aspect smart life.