2016 02/26
MitraStar three Products Received Carbon Footprint Certificate

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Feb. 26, 2016 – MitraStar Technology, the world leader of networking DMS industry, today announced that its three products – EPON CPE、GPON CPE and VDSL CPE – have received the carbon footprint certification.

In addition to providing customers with high-quality, reliable network equipment, MitraStar upholds the concept of sustainable developments and environment-friendly products.

To create a comprehensive, earth-friendly green product supply chain, MitraStar starts the "Green Supply Chain Carbon Cloud" plan in 2015 to provide the networking industry with common standards and evaluation tools with which supplier carbon footprint information can be systematically and automatically collected.

In the meantime, MitraStar also leads the industry to establish a low-carbon supply chain industry index for reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions generated by the supply chain; the company also rectifies its business development strategy for sustainable environmental-friendliness, energy-saving and carbon reduction, so the supply chain can implement and commit to the actions required for Paris COP21.