Overview :

For growing network speed demand, 10G PON is the next generation ultra-fast capable product for PON providers. It is designed to coexist with installed PON user equipment on the same network.

Triple play services over IP including video, data and voice are often cited as driving user demand for heavier usage of broadband that justifies PON investment. Teleworking and video conferencing are other applications demanding such triple play capabilities.

Examples of bandwidth-intensive applications include IPTV, video-conferencing, interactive video, online interactive gaming, peer-to-peer networking, karaoke-on-demand, IP video surveillance, and cloud applications where remote storage and computing resources provide online service on demand to users with thin-client local systems.10G PON may encourage explosive development of innovative services that become feasible as users move to faster connections.

10G PON can enable cost-effective real-time backup/recovery/replication of critical business systems across multiple sites. Other businesses may just need to connect several sites as a virtual private network, effectively a virtual office, or may have e-commerce services that require business partners to have sufficient connectivity for constant database access.

Application Diagram :