The business scope of MitraStar Design, Manufacturing and Service ranges from Product ODM, Hardware ODM to OEM. In response to customer requests, we provide Wireless Broadband CPE, Wired broadband CPE, Broadband COE, Fiber CPE, Digital Home and Multimedia Application products as well as next-generation (internet/M2M) total solutions. As we are highly proficient in communication technologies such as DSL, PON, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE, networking technologies like Routing, Switching, QoS, Security, and Network Management as well as multimedia technologies such as storage, processing and broadcasting, MitraStar is capable of delivering innovative, advanced M2M and IOT products. With solid R&D and reliable production capabilities, we bring unparalleled values with fast, flexible and tailor-made services at competitive prices to meet customer needs.

In the future, we at MitraStar will keep cultivating new broadband access technologies including high-speed switching and wireless network to integrate different applications and services in order to maintain our global leading position while providing cross-product line solutions thanks to our extensive experience on fundamental infrastructures as well as user-end applications.