Product Quality Assurance

At MitraStar Product verification can be divided into three parts: software verification, hardware verification and reliability verification; each part has a professional technical team with its own well-equipped laboratory. We keep introducing advanced testing equipment to strengthen our testing ability. We also emphasize automation to increase test efficiency and build a test environment based on practical customer applications. PQA currently has more than one hundred experienced professional staff, which indicates that MitraStar pays a lot of attention to product quality.

PQA has accumulated considerable experience in similar products and does centralized management of the test plans for all products with a control system. PQA can use the well-managed database to come out with test plans in a very efficient way. MitraStar insists on the best product quality. With the support of complete software and hardware facilities and professional teams, we believe we can meet customer demands and achieve a win-win situation with customers.