High Capacity Chassis MSAN

Overview :

  • Product varieties with different port density ranges from 8 to 1000 ports, while heights range from 1U to 12.5U. Also types for indoor/outdoor are supported.
  • Supports multi-services including ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2, SDSL, SHDSL, Active Fast Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet, E1 IMA, VoIP (SIP & H.248) with high interoperability.
  • Outdoor model supports IP65and NEBS Level 3 to fit a wide range of installation environment.

Specification :

  • 12.5U/6.5U/5U/2U/1U Height with 16/8/5/4/2 slots chassis.
  • VoIP, ADSL2+, SHDSL, VDSL2, Ethernet, E1 IMA, VoIP access interface.
  • Internet Group Management Protocol versions 2 and 3 (IGMPv2 and v3) provides multicast VLAN and IPTV services.
  • Rate limiting allows service differentiation, guarantees quality of service.
  • Flexible access control enhances network security.
  • User friendly configuration and management simplifies daily operation.
  • Anti-IP/MAC address spoofing prevents malicious attack.
  • Comprehensive QoS enhances triple play users' experience.
  • Best SIP server and H.248 MGC interoperability.

Application Diagram :