Femto Pico Cell

Overview :

Femtocell Access Point (Femto AP) is the first product that fulfills the Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) concept, which removes the differences between fixed and mobile networks. The major applications of Femto AP are RF coverage enhancement and traffic offloading, enabling a high flexibility deployment scenario of mobile networks, while offloading traffic from metro base stations to fulfill the mobile bandwidth requirements from today’s increasing number of mobile devices.
MitraStar’s small cell product line provides a series of Femto AP product solutions to improve and complete the customer’s product portfolio:

  • 4/8-user Residential Femto AP solutions
  • 8/16-user SoHo/ Public Femto AP solutions
  • 16/32-user Enterprise Femto AP solution

The key features of MitraStar Femto AP solutions are:

  • 3GPP REL 7 compliant UMTS Femto AP HW platform
  • 2G/3G sniffing
  • GPS solution for frequency adjustment and positioning
  • SIM card interface for security application
  • Ethernet interface for connecting to broadband backhaul
  • Omi-directional internal/ external antenna design options
  • Environment friendly design, RoHS & WEEE
Except for the professional Femto AP product DMS, MitraStar can also provide customized BSP and manufacturing FW developing service to shorten the customer’s product developing cycle and time to market.