Why MitraStar

Education and learning culture
Talent cultivation and pursuit of excellence is our key value, and it’s also the key to better competitive advantage. Sharing resource without reservation and mutual contribution of knowledge is the culture we have been proud of.

Based on the idea of cultivating excellent and potential personnel, MitraStar has established a development unit for professional training. We implement an overall and systematic development plan and training blueprint for this endeavor. With our spirit of sustainable learning and innovation, we provide multiple methods for learning, customized learning consultation, and request-oriented training programs. With the principle of knowledge sharing, we encourage experience propagation for an enriched variety of practical training courses, as well as instructors from all fields.

Rich learning resources
With our systematic management and training plan, we have also expanded our courses through use of on-line e-School learning. Along with internal/external training, all employees have many opportunities to improve their professional skills and their interaction with others. The courses include: new employee training, management courses of all levels, industrial safety, environment protection, marketing, quality assurance, research and development as well as other general and advanced sessions.
In addition to regular training courses, MitraStar also helps employees developing themselves in terms of collaborative ability and personal specialties. The in-depth, all-aspect development projects in turn make it possible for MitraStar to benefit from the talents.

Diverse learning channels

  • Internal training: internal e-school courses for professional skills, cultural and general knowledge along with management training.
  • External training: we provide subsidies for external training courses or conferences to offer employees with more opportunities to learn and to expand their professional knowledge.
  • Online learning: our online platform provides digital learning courses and experience sharing. Comprehensive learning resources are open anytime for employees anywhere.
  • Help from mentoring: each new employee has a mentor to help he or she understanding MitraStar’s company culture as well as to offer advice.
  • International personnel cultivation: online English courses and international projects.

Tailor-made career planning and development
Dual-Ladder Career Development:
A talented player might not be suited to be a coach or might not want to be a coach. Placing the right man in the right position puts one’s talent into full-play. Therefore, we provide a dual-ladder career roadmap which consists of both management-level and professional-level career training.

Multiple Career Plans and Development

  • Development Facet: Job rotation helps provide comprehensive training for MitraStar personnel.
  • Product Facet: MitraStar has a great variety of product lines and cross-product development.
  • Global Facet: Co-work with our subsidiaries and branch offices for a broad international point of view.