Employee Development

Talented people represent the most important asset for MitraStar's continuous growth, as well as to fostering the company's culture of innovation and versatility. The company offers a challenging, enjoyable and competitive working environment and compensation plan, as well as several approaches aimed at creating a desirable balance between career and personal life. Through comprehensive training programs and personal development plans, people at MitraStar are encouraged to acquire further working skills in parallel with self-esteem, to encourage the future growth of themselves and the company.

Employment – Diversity of Employee
As "Innovation" is our core value, MitraStar has a team that is motivated and believes in independent thought and originality. Our employment policy is:

  • Maintain a working environment that provides appropriate remuneration, developments opportunities and meets international and local relevant labor laws, rules and regulations.
  • Restrict any discrimination, harassment or persecution in the workplace. Forbid any discrimination regarding race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, political factions and marital status.
  • Provide a safe working environment and require extensive training and safe equipment. Employees must be committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment by employing all safety operation procedures and principles while conducting business.
Employee Development – Diversified Training Programs

Based on the strategy of cultivating qualified and potential employees, MitraStar provides diversified learning resources and programs to strengthen all employees' professional skills and knowledge. Also, through the principle of knowledge and experience sharing, we encourage our employees to expand their experience level and to accumulate intellectual assets.
In addition to traditional "Classroom Training" and "On-the-Job Training", MitraStar also provides E-Learning Training Programs. MitraStar's E-School is a virtual on-line training program platform which helps employees extend their knowledge and learning levels and to increase their learning opportunities.

Employee Relations in Perfect Harmony

MitraStar not only has legitimate and competitive wages, working hours, benefits, vacation and retirement offerings, but it also provides adequate channels for employees to communicate their thoughts and ideas with the management and to receive positive feedback through constructive interactions.


MitraStar strives to keep these communication channels open between its employees and the management. Such conduits include meetings, suggestion boxes, bulletin boards, internal documents and e-mails for work groups. Managers are also given the opportunity to talk to their colleagues directly, in face-to-face affairs like "Free to Speak", "Groups of Honor" and "Town Meetings". In these events, employees can freely express their opinions or doubts about company policies, operations and employee benefits and the raised issues will be taken care of and followed up on by responsible managers.

Employee Rights:

Support and respect, within its sphere of influence, the protection of international human rights set out in the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization's (ILO) fundamental conventions and the Global Compact. In particular, MitraStar supports the effective elimination of all forms of compulsory labor and child labor, as defined in the ILO. It will make this a criterion in the management of its suppliers and sub-contractors.
Strict rules and regulations to prevent right-infringing incidents, such as sexual harassment, to create an equality-based, safe working environment. In the case of any violations, the affected employees are encouraged to submit the case to an independent committee that consists of representatives from the management and employees. Eliminating any such harassment illustrates the company's sincere commitment to protecting everyone in the workplace.

Employee Organizations:

All employees are free to establish clubs or groups of common interest within the company and MitraStar will even subsidize such activities organized by these groups. Currently, there are over 20 active clubs/groups in the company.