Corporate Governance

MitraStar firmly believes that its commitment to good corporate governance has allowed it to grow with a firm foundation and provides high quality products and services to the community, while maximizing its shareholders' returns.

In terms of business practice, MitraStar defines its work ethic and company values in the "Employee Conducts and Directives" for everyone to observe. The company demands all colleagues and partners to obey the law, treat everyone fairly and to maintain proper attitudes when dealing with customers, suppliers and even competitors. The points are:

  • Do business with fairness, openness and honesty.
  • Establish business relationships on the foundation of mutual trust and compliance to the law.
  • All partners should observe local laws and international regulations.
  • Inappropriate offers to customers for business is strictly prohibited.
  • Illegal inducements or similar incentives, directly or indirectly, offered to government agencies, customers or resellers are strictly prohibited.
  • Fair commercial, marketing and advertising practices must be enforced when conducting business with customers; and all reasonable efforts must be made to ensure the safety and quality of products and services being delivered.
  • Standards of fair trade, advertising and competition must be established.
  • MitraStar is responsible for the protection of all personal and relevant information from customers, partners and other institutions.
  • MitraStar considers that all its intelligent properties and other proprietary information as being the core value and asset of the company, and will take all actions to protect and accumulate such properties. MitraStar respects everyone's right to their respective intelligence properties as well.