Community Contribution

“Innovation” is always reflected by the company through its public service efforts. As a Corporate citizen and fulfill social responsibilities, MitraStar encourages employees to participate in all kinds of social services and spread this idea.

Cultivation of Talent
Care for the Community and Helping the Disadvantaged

Cultivation of Talent
The Scholarship is offered to nearly 400 college and high school students with excellent grades or from disadvantageous families in the Hsinchu and Miaoli area.

Care for the Community and Helping the Disadvantaged
For years, MitraStar has taken care of disadvantaged people in its area by offering children and senior citizens necessary resources, nursery access and financial assistance.

Establishment of "Morning Sun Lyceum"

Our volunteers raised money to build the "Morning Sun Lyceum" through community fairs and garage sales. The facility helps intellectually challenged children to enjoy the respect and support others do, and educates them to take care of themselves in the future. Field trips are regularly organized for these children, to keep them in touch with society and natural environments.

Care for Disadvantaged Children

MitraStar periodically organizes donation events for the fund needed to provide children from aboriginal and financially challenged families with free meals. The fund is also shared with charity organizations and Family Support Centers.

Care for Solitary Senior Citizens

We offer donations and condolences to senior citizens, we also provide funds and organize events at nursing homes housing.