2010 12/30
MitraStar Technology to Be Officially Established and Will Focus on DMS (Design, Manufacturing and Service)

Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 30, 2010 –MItraStar Technology announces today that it will spin off from ZyXEL's product business unit as an independent company on January 1, 2011. Both ZyXEL Communications and MitraStar Technology will become 100%-held subsidiaries of Unizyx Holding Corporation. ZyXEL will have capital of US$60 million and MitraStar will have capital of US$111 million.

After the spin-off, ZyXEL will focus on marketing, sales and support of ZyXEL brand networking products, while MitraStar focuses on advanced networking technology and products. Each company will have a different focus in operation and a different organization to serve its customers, and this separation will minimize conflict between ZyXEL brand and DMS businesses, and at the same time, improve both’s operating efficiency. ZyXEL, with its product team, will work with both MitraStar and other ODM vendors to provide products and solutions to best serve the targeted market, while MitraStar will focus on developing technology and products with manufacturing efficiency to serve ODM customers like Telco Equipment Manufacturer (TEM) and Network Equipment Manufacturer (NEM). This spin-off will benefit both companies and their customers.

MitraStar Technology will be dedicated to DMS (Design, Manufacturing and Service) business, with exceptional R&D and high-quality manufacturing expertise to provide sophisticated product design, flexible product manufacturing, and tailor-made services to ODM customers. With Dr. Yuh-Long Chen, the former President of ZyXEL, presiding as the new Chairman and President, MitraStar will lead the way in working closely with its customers, suppliers and partners to become a world-class DMS company.

About Unizyx Holding Corporation

The Unizyx Holding Corporation began operations in 2010, as it was set up to hold ZyXEL's group of communications businesses. The ZyXEL Communications Corporation became a 100%-held subsidiary of this holding company through a share swap with the parent holding company. The new holding company becomes the surviving listed company in the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) replacing ZyXEL. A product development and manufacturing company-MitraStar Technology is split from ZyXEL and become another 100%-held subsidiary of the Unizyx Holding Corporation. These two subsidiaries will focus and optimize their operations in different areas of the communication product value chain, with one focusing on ZyXEL brand communication product marketing and sales, and the other concentrating on communication technology development and product manufacturing. The focused and optimized operation of each subsidiary will increase the overall efficiency of the ZyXEL group. For more information, please visit: www.unizyx.com