Corporate Commitment

As a member of the Global Village, MitraStar Technology takes corporate social responsibility seriously. In addition to making products of the highest quality, MitraStar also observes the ten principles of the Global Compact publicized in the World Economic Forum by the United Nations.

Additionally, MitraStar upholds the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises given by OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) to follow all suitable business practice standards governed by the law. Based on these standards, MitraStar creates economic benefits to support the best interest of its shareholders. Moreover, it respects the value of the community, not only by supporting the neighborhood in addressing pollution and energy issues, but also by encouraging similar commitment by its suppliers and employees, all with the goal of fulfilling our role as a responsible corporate citizen.

MitraStar promises to:

Corporate Governance

  • Maintain good corporate governance
  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • Emphasize the principles of integrity, fully complying with business ethics

Green Products and Environment Protection

  • Products and business activities to comply with green regulations
  • Promote the policy of green supply chain management
  • Continue to develop eco-friendly and energy-saving products to reduce environmental impact

Relationship with employees and community

  • Diversity of employee recruitment and development
  • Provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment
  • Promote employees health and well-being
  • Cultivation of talent
  • Care for the community

Sustainability Policy

Social Responsibility Policy

Human Right Policy

Environment, Safety, Health & HSF Policy